Flight Simulation Aircraft Controls

 Center Joystick F12
 Left Rudder  A
 Right Rudder  D
 Center Rudder S
 Gear Up/Down  G
 Wheel Brakes  Spacebar
 Dive Brakes (if applicable)  V
 Flaps Down 1 Notch  Q
 Flaps Full Down  Shift + Q
 Flaps Up 1 Notch  W
 Flaps Full Up  Shift + W
 Autotrim Level  X
 Autotrim Speed  Shift + X
 Autotrim Angle  Ctrl + X
 Elevator Trim Up  K
 Elevator Trim Down  I
 Rudder Trim Left  J
 Rudder Trim Right  L
 Aileron Trim Right  ,
 Aileron Trim Left  M
 Clear Trims  G
 Eject  Press Enter 3 times
 Bail Out  Ctrl + B
 Open chute (after ejecting)  Enter
 Exit Plane (on runway only online)  Ctrl + Q

Flight Simulation Engine Controls

 Start/Kill Engine 1  E
 Select & Start all Engines  Shift + E
 Throttle Up 5% (hold down for autorepeat)  =
 Throttle Down 5% (hold down for autorepeat)  -
 Full Throttle  0 (zero)
 Engine Idle  1
 War Emergency Power (WEP)  F9
 Next Fuel Tank  .

Flight Simulation View Keys

 Forward  Numpad 8
 Left  Numpad 4
 Right  Numpad 6
 Back  Numpad 2
 Up  Numpad 5
 Forward/Right  Numpad 9 or 8/6
 Forward/Left  Numpad 7 or 8/4
 Forward/Up  Numpad 8/5
 Right/Up  Numpad 6/5
 Left/Up  Numpad 4/5
 Right/Rear  Numpad 3 or 6/2
 Left/Rear  Numpad 1 or 4/2
 Rear/Up  Numpad 5/2
 Autopan Left  Ctrl + Numpad 4
 Autopan Up  Ctrl + Numpad 5
 Autopan Right  Ctrl + Numpad 6
 Change view type  Shift + O
 View Badguy toggle  Shift + 8
 Select next Badguy  Shift + 9
 Overlay Map Toggle  F1
 Map Zoom In  Shift + [
 Map Zoom Out  Shift + ]
 External View Toggle (if allowed)  Ctrl + E
 External View Zoom Out  ]
 External View Zoom In  [
 Move around in external view  Arrow keys
 Zoom Out (Field of View bigger)  V
 Zoom In (Field of View smaller)  Z
 Default Field of View  Ctrl + V or Z
 Change Cockpit Head position  \
 Track View (chase cam)  Alt + V
 Snap to Instrument view  F11
 Snap to Gunsight view  F4
 Toggle Sticky snap  Shift + P
 Cockpit Lean (for Carrier landings)  U

Flight Simulation Bombing Keys

 Open/Close Bomb Bay Doors  O
 Drop Bombs  B
 Jump to Bombardier position  Y
 Change to Norden Bombsight when in Y mode  Numpad 2
 Bombsight Increase Magnification  [
 Bombsight Decrease Magnification  ]
 Toggle Pickle mode  Ctrl + P

Flight Simulation Gunnery Keys

 Fire Guns  F
 Fire Secondary Gun  B
 Select secondary Weapon  Backspace
 Jump to Pilot Station  1
 Jump to Tail Gun Position  2
 Jump to Nose Gun Position  3
 Jump to Left Gun Position  4
 Jump to Right Gun Position  5
 Jump to Top Gun Position  6
 Jump to Bottom Gun Position  7
 Gunner Maintenance screen Toggle (online only)  Ctrl + G
 Toggle Otto on Safe  Ctrl + T

Tank Simulation Ground Vehicle Keys

 Change up a Gear  ;
 Change down a Gear  Shift + ;
 Cycle through different views in GV  \
 Adjust MKIV sight by 500 yards  Q & W
 Jump to Driver position  1
 Jump to Gunner position  2
 Finely adjust aim of main turrets  2, 4, 5, & 6

Radio Keys

 Radio 1  /
 Radio 2  Shift + /
 Radio 3  Ctrl + /
 Radio 4  Alt + /
 Expand or Shrink Text Window  Tab
 Send Check 6 call  Right-click

Interface Keys

 Icon Toggle  F2
 Show or Hide Aircraft Debris  Alt + N
 Cloud Toggle  Alt + K
 Toggle Horizon Texture  Alt + H
 Move Text Window  F3
 Take Screenshot (shot0000.tga)  Alt + S
 Take Screenshot (Mac only)  Cmd + Shift + 3
 Console Toggle  Esc
 Cockpit Toggle  Ctrl + C
 Toggle Red Text  Ctrl + H
 Ocean Toggle  Ctrl + O
 Slew Mode Toggle (offline only)  Ctrl + S
 Detail Toggle  Ctrl + V
 Select Stick Set 1  F5
 Select Stick Set 2  F6
 Select Stick Set 3  F7
 Select Stick Set 4  F8
 Toggle Mouse  Alt + M